Etowah School Singing

Etowah, Henderson County, North Carolina
Sunday, 7 September, 2003

All selections "Carolina book", except as noted.

Mr Jimmie Cantrell opened with prayer

21 Webster - Scott Swanton
58b Primrose
185b Corinth - Dan Huger
32b Zellville
381A Not Made with Hands - Jean Allen
117 Angel Band
95b Canaan's Land - June Jolley
88 Pisgah
89b Northfield - Diane Eskenasy
51 Lonsdale
86 Ortonville - Ernest Gilstrap
178 AL That Beautiful Land
254b Sicily - Mary Baumeister
225b Martin
226t Rock of Ages - Dot Lane
215t In That Morning
240 Morning Light - Tim Aldrich/D Eskenasy
80t Caddo - Dan Huger (by req)
67b Dundee

Grace, Jim Allen

217 Jerusalem - Scott Swanton
129t Coronation
143t Coleshill - Dan Huger
128t Ninety-Fifth
359 Wondrous Love - Jean Allen
381C Twilight is Falling
77b Cambridge - June Jolley
41t Mediation
339 Samanthra - Diane Eskenasy
140 Edom
289b Happy Land - Ernest Gilstrap
249t Green Fields
59b Dove of Peace - Mary Baumeister
245t Bozrah
70b Brown - Dot Lane
381B Babylon is Fallen
55b Idumea - Sarah Jane Thomas
223t Hendon - Robert Varkony
76b Night
103b Fish Pond - Tim Aldrich
287 Indian Convert - Scott Swanton

200 Parting Hand

There were approximately 20 singers and listeners.

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