The 9th Lee Rogers Memorial Singing

Home of John and Elsie Hollingsworth
Ila, Madison County, Georgia

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The 9th annual Lee Rogers Memorial Singing was held on the Saturday before the third Sunday in September.

All song selections were from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition. Singers often led two songs at a time.

Judy Mincey welcomed the class and led 61t. John Hollingsworth offered prayer.

Leaders: Judy Mincey 61b; John Plunkett 479, 460t; Christy Sinksen 361, 167t; Robert Kelley 146b, 146t; Jacob Lindler 323, 290; Mary Baumeister 398b, 400b; Mildred Chandler 293, 131; Shannon Primm 80, 421b; Helen Bryson 67b, 189


John Hollingsworth called the class back leading 1, 136.
Leaders: Terry Chandler 171, 126 Bill Hollingsworth 14 (in memory of Hugh McGraw), 459t (in memory of Raymond Hamrick); Michael Spencer 41b, 401b; Dave Farmer 236t, 107; Terry Chandler 372 (at the request of Angela Benton); Chris Wilhelm 110, 410t; Jane Cannon 418b, 54; Debora Grosse 142, 143; Jack Chandler, Jr. 140, 369.


A short business meeting reelected the officers by acclamation.
For the 2018 singing, Chairman—Judy Mincey; Vice Chairman—Mike Spencer; Secretary—Helen Bryson.

Judy Mincey led 62 to open the afternoon session.
Leaders: Justin Bowen 362, 43; Lauren Bock 120, 316; Jesse P. Karlsberg 354, 74; John Plunkett 104; Christy Sinksen 55b; Jacob Lindler 541, 105b; Mary Baumeister 305; Shannon Primm 374; Jesse P. Karlsberg 38; Justin Bowen 223; Bill Hollingsworth 516; Michael Spencer 402t; John Hollingsworth 548, 546b; Dave Farmer 294; Chris Wilhelm 250t; Jane Cannon 378; Lauren Bock 332; Jesse P. Karlsberg 64.

After announcements of upcoming singings, Judy Mincey led 432b as a closing song in memory of Lee Rogers and Sharon Kellam.
John Hollingsworth offered a benedictory prayer.
Chairman—Judy Mincey; Vice Chairman—Michael Spencer; Secretary—Helen Bryson.

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