The ~24th Swannanoa Valley Singing

St. James Episcopal Church Parish Hall
Black Mountain, Buncombe County, North Carolina

Saturday, November 11, 2017

(No one remembers exactly when Willie Israel started the singings at Highland Farms)

All morning selections: The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 2015 Folk Heritage reprint).

Joe Holbert welcomed the singers and opened the singing with
129t, Coronation
Moment of Silent Prayer
65b, Warwick - Mary Baumeister
35b, Boylston - Willie Israel (one of her funeral songs, we omit it at our peril!)
171t, Sessions - Dan Huger, IMO Sharon Kellam
318, The Martial Trumpet - Libby Barker, IHO, IMO, of our veterans
89t, Brightest Days, or Elevation - Eli Snyder
51, Lonsdale - Diane Eskenasy
49, Forever with the Lord - Leslie Booher
55b, Idumea - Larry Beveridge
80t, Caddo - Don Wiley
103b, Fish Pond - Martha Hubert
329, Redeeming Grace - Jane Cannon
360, The Saints Bound for Heaven - Zack Allen
204t, Prayer Meeting - Maggie Lauterer


321t, Olive Shade - Chris Wilhelm
217, Jerusalem - Joe Holbert
292b, Darwell - Mary Baumeister
235, Faithful Soldier - Willie Israel
140, Edom - Dan Huger
41t, Mediation - Libby Barker
117, Angel Band - Diane Eskenasy, IMO Glenda Umerski
255t, Watchman - Leslie Booher
282, Friendship - Larry Beveridge
312, Penitence - Don Wiley and Jane Cannon
165b, Rockbridge - Jane Cannon
21, Webster - Zack Allen
35b, Boylston - Maggie Lauterer

Silent Grace


All afternoon selections: The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

294, Carmarthen - Chris Wilhelm
131, Will You Meet Me? - Mary Baumeister
543, Chase High Road - Joe Holbert
88, Pisgah - Willie Israel
36t, Lovely Vine - Dan Huger
493b, Day-Star - Libby Barker
544, Life's Troubles - Leslie Booher
316, This Heavy Load - Larry Beveridge
168b, Sunrise - Don Wiley
184, Where We'll Never Grow Old - Martha Hubert
71, The Peaceful Shore - Jane Cannon
540, Funeral Anthem - Chris Wilhelm
109, Not Made with Hands - Joe Holbert
34, Going Home - Mary Baumeister
490, Creation (Second) - Willie Israel
451b, Devotion (Second) - Dan Huger
398t, St. Thomas - Libby Barker


214, Hosanna - Eli Snyder
90, Brightest Days - Dan Huger


546b, Oak Grove - Leslie Booher
159t, Devotion (First) - Larry Beveridge
111b, Judkins - Don Wiley
248, Twilight is Falling - Martha Hubert
548, Macedonia - Jane Cannon
507t, Union - Chris Wilhelm

Moment of Silent Prayer

200, Parting Hand, as the closing song.

Chair—Joe Holbert
Hospitality and Arranging—Chris Wilhelm
Minutes—Mary Baumeister.

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