Etowah Fall Singing
111th year

Etowah Lions Club
Etowah, Henderson County, North Carolina

Saturday, 1 September 2018

All selections from The Christian Harmony Folk Heritage 1873 reprint (2015)

President Diane Eskenasy opened the singing at 10 am leading
240-Morning Light.
Opening Prayer, Carl Blozan.
61t-North Carolina, Dan Huger
355 (v1, 3, 4)-Homeward Bound, Andy Morse
285 (v. 1,3)-Farewell Brother, Chris Wilhelm IHO Mary Baumeister, away at funeral of her second brother
289b-Happy Land, Phil Perrin
359 (v. 1,2,6)-Wondrous Love, Carl Blozan
248b-Union, Chris Berg
88-Pisgah, Well Peebles
312-Penitence, Marty Hubert
367-David’s Lamentation, Cliff Hall
130b-Passing Away, Zack Allen
35b-Boyleston, Maggie Lauterer
89b-Northfield, Diane Eskenasy


258-Thorny Desert, Dan Huger
158-Land of Rest, Andy Morse, with Avery Blatt
307-True Happiness, Chris Wilhelm
249t-Green Fields, Phil Perrin
135-Raymond (incl by-the-numbers), Carl Blozan
299-Green Meadows, Chris Berg
61b-Gaines, Will Peebles
255t-Watchman, Marty Hubert
128t-Ninety-Fifth, Cliff Hall
225b-Martin, Maggie Lauterer
215t-In That Morning, Zack Allen
78b-New Britain, Phil Perrin & Diane Eskenasy by request for Fran Westin

Grace by Maggie Lauterer

51-Lonsdale, Diane Eskenasy, with Avery Blatt
77t-Rockingham, Dan Huger
203-Cumberland, Andy Morse
318-The Martial Trumpet, Chris Wilhelm
117-Angel Band, Phil Perrin
171t-Sessions, Clark Williams
165b-Rockbridge, Mattie Mulaney
143t-Coleshill, Chris Berg
103b-Fish Pond, Will Peebles
55b-Idumea, Ann Strange
328b-Pass Me Not, Marty Hubert
129t-Coronation, Cliff Hall
333b-Night is Coming, Maggie Lauterer IM&HO her grandfather, whom she remembers singing this song while plowing his fields
369-Easter Anthem, Zack Allen

Business meeting
A slate of Diane Eskenasy, President; Tim Aldrich, Treasurer; Mary Baumeister, Secretary; Christine Wilhelm, Hospitality was re-elected by acclamation. It was agreed that an introductory singing school will be offered prior to the May singing, to start at 9:15; it was agreed it will be advertised on-line and on the flyers. May singing will be 4 May 2019.

Announcements were made


198-Creation, Diane Eskenasy, in memory of her sister, Polly Eskenasy
23b-Evening Hymn, Dan Huger
208b-French Broad, Andy Morse
126-Musical Society, Chris Wilhelm: for Helen Bishop
264-Harwell, Phil Perrin
58b-Primrose, Clark Williams
291b-Warrenton, Mattie Mulaney
59t-Mear, Will Peebles
231b-Indian's Farewell, Ann Strange
67b-Dundee, Cliff Hall
200-Parting Hand, Dan Huger
Closing prayer, Andy Morse

Respectfully submitted, Dan Huger, Acting Secretary

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