The Fourth Annual Singing on the River

Marshall Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall
165 S. Main St.
Marshall, Madison County, North Carolina
Saturday, 1 December 2018

All selections from the 2015 Edition of William Walker's 1873 Christian Harmony

Zack Allen welcomed the singers and opened with
21, Webster
He also offered the opening prayer.
24t, Volusia - Claudia Dean
24b, Fredrica
25t, Santee - Mary Baumeister
25b, Brimmer - IMO Sharon Kellam
117, Angel Band - Avery Blatt
129t, Coronation - Laura Boosinger
204t, Prayer Meeting - for Maggie Lauterer
343, Tell the Story - Marty Hubert
59t, Mear
67b, Dundee - Chris Berg
60t, Dunlaps Creek
89b, Northfield - Diane Eskenasy
194t, Chester
110t, Volunteers - June Jolley, IMO Vaughan Smathers
88, Pisgah


93, Something New - Dan Huger
77t, Rockingham
346, Star in the East - Andy Morse
81t, Maitland
215t, In That Morning - Brandon Johnson
171t, Sessions
36b, Albion - Zack Allen
67t, Peterboro - Claudia Dean
66t, Balerma - Mary Baumeister, IMO her brothers

Zeb Jolley offered the Blessing for Lunch.

136, Sherburne - Zack Allen
289b, Happy Land - Avery Blatt
208b, French Broad - Laura Boosinger
328b, Pass Me Not - Marty Hubert
248b, Union - Chris Berg
137, Antioch - Diane Eskenasy
341, The Lone Pilgram - June Jolley
354b, Imandra - Dan Huger
103b, Fish Pond - Andy Morse
244b, The Christian's Conflicts - Clark Williams
103t, Derrick - Claudia Dean
184b, Shepherd - Mary Baumeister


342t, Blest Morn - Dan Huger and June Jolley, for Guy Bankes
214, Hosanna - Avery Blatt
255t, Watchman - Marty Hubert
264, Harwell - Chris Berg
87t, Zerah - Diane Eskenasy, for Guy Bankes
128t, Ninety-Fifth - Laura Boosinger
369, Easter Anthem - Zack Allen
198, Creation - Dan Huger
355, Homeward Bound - Andy Morse
144t, Tribulation - Clark Williams
364, Redemption - Mary Baumeister
225b, Martin - Marty Hubert, for her granddaughter and IMO George Bush
200b, Parting Hand - Laura Boosinger, as the closing song
June Jolley offered the closing prayer.

Chair - Zack Allen
Co-chair & Hospitality - Laura Boosinger
Arranging - June Jolley
Minutes - Mary Baumeister

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