Singing at Pumpkintown

Oolenoy Community Center, Pumpkintown, SC
Saturday, 07 May 2022

The first annual singing at Pumpkintown was held on the Saturday before the second Sunday in May. This would have been the 23rd Furman University singing.

The first morning session was selections from The Sacred Harp (1991).
Frances Carnell opened the singing with 63, 47t. Leon Carnell gave the opening prayer.
Leaders: Dave Farmer 38t; Dan Huger 38b; Mary Baumeister 82t; Rob Kelley 499; Tom Taylor 79; Cody Brown 168; Esther Morgan-Ellis 178; Mike Spencer 354t; Nancy Hogan 309; Bill Hogan 171; Andy Morse 91; Barbara Brooks 229; Jeremiah Ledbetter 117; Chris Wilhelm with Katie Green 405; Eli Snyder 395.


The second morning session was selections from The Christian Harmony (2010).
Leaders: Dave Farmer 87 (CH); Leslie Booher 436b (CH); Judy Mincey 133 (CH); John Plunkett 462t (CH); Frances Carnell 171 (CH); Dave Farmer 544 (CH); Dan Huger 509b (CH); Mary Baumeister for Lucy Heyerman 89 (CH); Rob Kelley 231 (CH); Tom Taylor 338t (CH); Esther Morgan-Ellis 88 (CH); Mike Spencer 493b (CH).

Business Meeting. The officers were reelected by acclamation.

Grace offered by John Plunkett

The first afternoon session was from The Sacred Harp (1991).
Leaders: Leon Carnell 59; Nancy Hogan 274t; Bill Hogan 270; Andy Morse 348b; Barbara Brooks 285t; Jeremiah Ledbetter 89; Chris Wilhelm with Katie Green 550; Eli Snyder 506; Eric Carnell 58; Leslie Booher 319; Judy Mincey 474; John Plunkett 123t; Frances Carnell 282; Dave Farmer with Otis Russell 65; Dan Huger 236; Mary Baumeister 415; Rob Kelley 224; Esther Morgan-Ellis 340; Mike Spencer 370.


The second afternoon session was from The Christian Harmony (2010).
Leaders: Dave Farmer with Alekz Cushman 346 (CH); Chris Wilhelm 546b (CH); Dan Huger 52 (CH); Rob Kelley 435 (CH); Mary Baumeister 434 (CH); Esther Morgan-Ellis 267 (CH); Nancy Hogan 432b (CH); Bill Hogan 372 (CH); Andy Morse 203 (CH); Jeremiah Ledbetter 355 (CH); Eli Snyder 105t (CH); Leslie Booher 543 (CH).

Frances Carnell led 267 as the closing song. Leon Carnell offered the closing prayer.

Chairman--Frances Carnell; Vice Chairman--Dave Farmer; Secretary--Mary Baumeister.

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

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